The 4th ICHTS Webster Jee Histomorphometry & Imaging Workshop

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The First Round Call for the 4th ICHTS Webster Jee Histomorphometry & Imaging Workshop


Dear Colleagues and Friends:

    On behalf of the International Chinese Hard Tissue Society (ICHTS), we wish to invite you to attend the fourth ICHTS Webster Jee Histomorphometry & Imaging Workshop.

The Workshop will be held during the September 18 -19, 2012 in Xi’an, China, proceeding the sixth International Conference on Osteoporosis and Bone Research (ICOBR), September 20-23, 2012 in Xi’anthe capital city of Shanxi province of China, which boasts its long history, diverse culture and beautiful scenery, with the famous Silk Road, Terra-cotta Soldiers, Wild Goose Pagoda, Famen Temple, Stele Forest, Huashan mountain, etc.

   The Workshop will cover topics on assessment of fracture healing and bone defect repair using histomorphometry and in vivo imaging, and related biomechanics and biomaterials study. SCI paper writing workshop and introduction to leading journals by editors or member of editorial board of leading journals will also be the highlights of the Workshop. We hope to enhance the knowledge of the histomorphometry, in vivo imaging, and biomechanics in the analyses of treatment efficacy of bone diseases and injuries.

   We are looking forward to seeing you there.



X. Edward Guo, Ph.D.                            Ting-ting Tang, Ph. D


President of ICHTS                              China Development Chair of ICHTS



Honorary Chair: Webster Jee (USA)

Chair of Organization Committee:

Edward Guo (USA), Ting-ting Tang (Shanghai, China)

Scientific Program Committee:

Chair: Ling Qin (Hong Kong, China)

Membersin alphabetical order of surname: Xu CaoUSA),Cheng-kung ChengDi ChenUSA, Li-yang Dai Jerry FengUSA),David KeUSA),Gang LiHongkong,William W. J. LuHongkong),Yi-xian QinUSA,Lian-ping XingUSA),Hong ZhouAustralia


Local Organization Committee:

Chair: Guo-xian Pei (Xi’an, China)

Membersin alphabetical order of surname: Liao CuiQing JiangJian LiuShi-he LiDeng-shun MiaoJiang PengMei-shu ShihJun WangYong-jun Wang, Hui-lin Yang

Secretary: Dan LiBi Long (,


Histomorphometry and advanced in vivo imaging technologies

Fracture healing and bone defect repair

Orthopaedic biomechanics

SCI paper writing and introduction of leading bone research and related journals


World-renowned basic and clinical scientists from China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA.

Registration fee: Regular: 1200RMB; Students: 600RMB.

VenueXijing Orthopaedic Hospital, the 4th Military Medical University, Xi’an